Srimandir entry sans Covid test report



Bhubaneswar, Jan 10: The Slime Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) Sunday announced that devotees need not produce their Covid-19 negative report for getting entry into the 12th century shrine in Puri from January 21

. The decision in this re-galed was taken at a meet-ing attended by SJTA chief Krishan Kumar, frit., Puri District Magistrate-cum Collector Samarth Verma and Superintendent of Police KB Singh.

 “The devotees can enter the temple without having t: Covid-19negative re-port from January 21. The decision will remain in force till February 21,” the SJTA chief told the media. Kumar said 

making spSJTA is ecial arrangements, including separate queues, for the elderly people Steps are being taken to make provisions for darshan by nearly 30,000 devotees every day The temple will I remain closed once a week (Sundays) to carry out sanitisation and disinfection measure the 

SJTA has decided to relax the re-striction which was imposed on temple entry for the general public. The tem-pleopenedforpublicfromJanuary3after remaining dosed for nine months in the wake of the pandemic;

Kumar said that the decisions to relax the restrictions were taken to fa-cilitate more devotees to get a dar-shan of the Holy Trinity. Though re-strictions were imposed for elderly people, now it has been decided that special arrangements will be made for them keeping their need in mind, he said. There will be separate queues for the elderly

 “The temple will remain closed once a week (Sundays) to carry out sanita-tion and disinfection measures. Steps have been taken to make provision of darshan by nearly 30,000 devotees every day. However all other Covid-19 re-strictions will continue to remain in force,” said kumar.

 According to him, the decision has been taken to facilitate devotees from other parts of the state as well as outside Odisha. Kumar added that a contingency plan will be made soon to handle if the devotee J,1k turnout exceeds 30,000. 

Puri Collector Samarth Varma said that special arrangements, queue sys-tem will be shortly introduced for eld-erly/senior citizens coming to Sr imanclir for darshan of the sibling deities. The temple was opened in a phased manner from December 23, 2020. While the servitors and their family mem-bers were allowed to enter the temple from December 23 to December 25 evening, the local residents of Puri got opportunity to have darshan of the deities between December 26 and 31.

 The temple was finally opened to the public for darshan of the sibling deities – Lord Balabhadra, Devi Subhadra and Lord Jagannath – from January 3, 2021 adhering to the Covid-19 guidelines.. 

At present, general public is being allowed after they are being screened at special counters by volunteers for any symptoms. Besides, Covid-19 negative report is also mandatory for devotees coming to the shrine for darshan of the deities. District administration officials in-formed that the general Darshan will begin from? am fromJanuary 21. A spe-cial one-hour darshan window has been made for the residents of Puri from 6 am. 

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