Man digs well at home


Guna, Jan 13: Pained to see his wife fetching water daily from a hand-pump located half-a-km away from their home at Guna in Madhya Pradesh, a poor labourer has dug a well in his own house in a fortnight to ease her woes.

 The district ad-ministration has lauded the man’s ges-ture towards his wife and decided to extend benefits of some gov-ernment schemes to him for the better-ment of his life. Bharat Singh (46), a resident of Bhanpur Bawa vil-lage under Chanchoda tehsil,

 had been concerned about his wife having to travel all the way to the hand-pump to fetch water for the daily needs of the family, comprising four members. One day, after being unable to get water due to a fault in the ma-chine, his wife returned home sad and complained to him about it.

 Singh later told his wife that he will dig a well for her in the house itself; but she laughed at the idea, the labourer told PT1 Wednesday.He then took it up as a challenge and to everyone’s surprise, dug a 31-feet-deep and 6-feet-wide well in just 15 days about two months back, Singh said. 

The well not „, only provides enough water for the daily needs of his family, which in-cludes his aged , mother, but also helps in irrigating their small tract of land where the family grows crops for their requirements, he said. Singh, wholives ina hut, said though he belongs to the Other Backward Classes and BPL (below poverty line) category, he had been unable to get a ration card for his family despite several ef-forts. Guna Collector Kumar Purshottam appreciated Singh’s gesture and his caring nature to-wards his wife 

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