Panel to study liquor ban impact


Chandrapur, Jan 14: The Maharashtra government has set up a 13-member high-level com-mittee to study the socioeconomic impact of liquor ban in Chandrapur district. The previous BJP-led state gov-ernment banned sale and con-sumption of liquor in Chandrapur on April 1, 2015. In June last year,

 state Relief and Rehabilitation Minister Vijay Wadettiwa4 who is also Chandrapur’s guardian min-ister, said he is in favour of lifting the liquor ban in Chandrapur once the COVID-19 crisis ends. As per a government notifica-tion issued on Tuesday a 13-mem-ber committee, headed by for-mer principal secretary Ramnath Jha,

 has been formed to conduct a survey on the social and eco-nomic impact after and before the imposition of the liquor ban y in Chandrapur. The committee would also seek the opinion of public representa-

fives, social organisations and var-ious other organisations about the ban on liquor in Chandrapur dis-trict, the notification said. The other members of the com-mittee include Chandrapur’s su-perintendent of police,

 civil surgeon, women and child welfare and social welfare officers, as well as lawyers, academicians and excise depart-ment officials. The committee’s report was submitted to the state govern-ment in September. 

Wadettiwar in June last year claimed the number of kidney infections and cancer cases has increased in the district due to the consump-tion of “duplicate liquor” (fake brews of some brands) being smuggled here. 

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