PM to launch vaccination drive Jan 16


New Delhi, Jan it Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch India’s COVID-19 vaccination drive on January 16 via video conferenc-ing and adequate doses of the two made-in-India vaccines have been delivered to all states and Union Territories, the government said 

Thursday. This will be the world’s largest vaccination programme covering the entire length and breadth of the country and allpreparations are in place to initiate the programme on the principles of ‘Jan Bbagidari’, the Prime Minister’s

 Office said in a statement. Prime Minister Modi will launch the pan-India rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination drive on January 16 at 10:30 AM via video confer-encing, the PM0 said. A total of 3,006 session sites across all states and UTs will be virtually connected during the launch and around 100 beneficiaries will be vaccinated at each session site on the first clay, the statement said.

 Separately, sources said Moth is likely to interact via video link with some healthcare workers from across the country who will be receiving the shots on the first day. Officiate at New Delhi’s ARMS and Safdarjung hospitals, which are among the shortlisted facilities, said they are “ready fora two-way communication”

. The PMO statement said the vaccination pro-gratnme is based onprinciples of pri-ority groups to be vaccinated first. Healthcare workers, both in the government and private sectors, including Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) work-ers, will receive the vaccine dur-ing this phase. The Drugs Contrnller General of India (DCGI) had earlier this month approved Oxford COW). 

19 vaccine Covishield, manufac-tured by the Serum Institute, and in-digenously developed Covaxin of Bharat Biotech for restricted emer-gency use in the country, paving the way for a massive inoculation drive. Adequate doses of both Covishield and Covaxin have al-ready been delivered to all states/UTs with the active support of the Ministry of Civil Aviation. These have been further delivered by the State/UT governments to the districts, the PM0 said.

 The vaccination programme will use Co-WIN, an online digital plat-form developed by the Union Health Ministry, which will facilitate real-time information of vaccine stocks, storage temperature and individ-ualised tracking of beneficiaries for COVID-19 vaccine. This digital plat-form wi

 the PM0 said. A dedicated 24×7 call centre -1075 – has also been es-tablished for addressing the queries related to the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine rollout and the Co-WIN software. Earlier in the day, the health ministry said,

 “The massive coun-trywide COVID-19 vaccination drive will be rolled out by Rime Minister from January 16…. Therefore, it has been decided by the Ministry of Health in consultation with the office of the President of India to reschedule the Polio vaccination day also known as the National Immunisation Day (NID) or Polio Ravivar’ to 31st January” The full initial procurement of 1.65 crore doses of COVID-19 vaccines –Covishield and Covaxin- has been allocated to all states and Mt in pro-portion to their healthcare work-ers database. 

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