Bhubaneswar, Jan 14: State-based adventure group Kalinga Daredevils is all set to scale Dayara Bugyal peak in Dehradun (11,181 ft) to salute COvid warriors of the nation. Around 23 participants, lead by SatyapiraPadhan (Guinness World Records title holder in punch strikes),

 will start their journey from Bhubaneswar to Barsu vil-lage in Dehardun soon. Interacting with Orissa POST, Satyapira said, ‘This amazing jour-ney will last for 8 days and all the trekkers are experienced. We are undertaking this to offer our trib-ute to all Covid warriors of the nation. This is a program organised by the Kalinga Daredevils and until now, we haven’t received any spon-sor for our event. 

The mountains are draped with snow and we are ready for the trek.” The participants are Nrusingha Charan Panda, Swami Kumar Rout, Sundar Sahoo, Krishna Bhandar Gharia, Reshab Kumar Panigrahi, Soumya Ranjan Rout, Thankur Senapati, Jyotish Kumar Bag, Jogeswar Nayak, BJ Rajesh Bhoi, Murari Sahu, Sachin Behera

 (Guinness world record holder for knee strike), Hitesh Kumar Mehez Malay Kumar Meher, Aman Chhatria (Guinness world record holder for Kip-ups) Ghana Satnami, Neel Kornai Sahu, Chhabilal Mehez Siddhartha Keshari Pradhan, Pradeep Sinha, Baidyanath Narayan Sinha, Sagar Kumar Mallick and Satyapira Padhan. A special training is on for this trekking and each participant Is quite excited to reach the Himalayas. 

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