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Bhubaneswar, Jan 15: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik Friday urged the young generation of the state to take the plunge into busi-ness and create global brands and wealth. Speaking at this year’s edition of `Brands of Odisha: Pride of India’ event, Naveen said

“I wish more and more people, especially young people, from our state come for-ward to take the opportunities in various sectors. The younger gen-eration is bubbling with ideas. They must take the plunge into business and industry, create global brands, and generate wealth for themselves and the nation.

Branding and promotion are es-sential components of business and industry. The ultimate aim is to bring prosperity, serve people and create a niche for a company, its product or services. Any brand-ing programme that has a solu-tion to address people’s needs, will definitely succeed, he said. Citing example of the Oyo of Ritesh Agarwal, a young man of Odisha, the Chief Minister said,

 “He actually found an easy solution for millions of tourists in the hospitality sector. And he does not own hotels himself. My point is – `to create a real good brand, one has to truly en-deavou r to understand people’s needs, and find easy solutions for them. Money will flow in, brand will be built.”

naik said his government is committed and working to improve the business climate in the state. The industry friendly pohcies, quick clearances and grounding of proj-ects have helped the government to make Odisha one of the most at-tractive investment destinations in India, he said. The state has received an in-vestment of over Rs 1.25 lalch crore since February 2020 despite the wrath of the pandemic. He con-gratulated the Brands of Odisha who received awards and said they are the true flag bearers of entre-preneurship in the state. 

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