OSSC increases seed production


Bhubaneswar Jan 15: Amidst lockdown and shutdown restriction imposed due to Covid-19 pandemic, state-run Odisha State Seeds Corporation Ltd (OSSC) has achieved a new high in production and sale of seeds during the 2020.

 The corporation has produced 3,95,032 quintals of paddy and 25,034 quintals of non-paddy seeds during the year through its own production programme 7vIo Bihan Yojana’, sources said Friday. The corporation has produced 25 new varieties of paddy seeds,

 four varieties of ragi, 14 varieties of pulses and 16 varieties of oil seeds during 2020. Similarly the OSSC sold 4,07,444 quintals of paddy and 57,243 quin-tals of non-paddy seeds during 2020, which was the highest quan-tity of seeds sold by the corpo-ration after implementation of DBT since 2016. 

It has installed eight seed processing plants in Sonepur, Bolangir, Baragarh, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Rangeillunda, Babanpur and Sheragada, the source said. 

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