Raj tourism sector in doldrums

Jaipur, Jan 15: Call it an irony or bad luck for Rajasthan that despite earning huge revenues as a leading tourist state of India, it is operat-ing without a tourism minister for the last seven months. The bu-reaucrats are also being shunted at regular intervals, leaving this sig-nificant sector in a fix. The tourism industry in Rajasthan, 

before the COVID crisis, was attracting tourists from across the world, earning foreign exchange and boosting the revenues of the state. Howeve4 amid the pandemic, the industry has come to a stand-still as there has been no push from the government to revive the in-dustry rather it has been embroiled in political controversies making it headless amid the tough times.

 Tourism minister Vishvendra Singh was divested of his portfolio in July soon after then deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot staged a re-bellion against Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot demanding a change of leadership. Since then, the tourism ministry is operating sans a minister and even during the COVID crisis the industry received no significant help from the state government, say industry leaders. Eventually, the unemployment rate in the state has surged to 28.2 

per cent as per CMIE figures re-leased January 12, which is three times higher than the country’s av-erage unemployment rate of 8.3 per cent. In August, this figure stood at 17.5 per cent. Speaking on this, Randhir Vikram Singh, president of the Indian Heritage Hotels Association said,

“A total of 22 per cent of the work-force in Rajasthan is supported by tourism while 30 per cent of the state’s GDP comes from tourism. Since March 21, there has been a complete wipeout of tourism, and despite this, the government did not come out with anything sig-nificant. Hence, this unemploy-ment rate. The promises made to us were great but nothing was done.” Another hotelier, Prithvi Singh said, “Rajasthan depends on tourism, exports and handicrafts. 

Because of the pandemic, all three segments are shut as of now The need of the hour is aggressive mar-keting of tourism as it creates jobs for millions of people in the state directly and indirectly

” Sharing details of the challenges faced by the industry, Randhir Vikram Singh said that those hotels not running since months are still receiving whopping electricity bills. “The hotel industry can’t be termed as an ‘industry’ for it is not given fa-cilities as are being given under the industry status.

 Further, while the RWasthanlburism Development Corporation hotels are exempted from paying licence fee for bars, the private hoteliers are being asked to pay the same. Wby this biased at-titude?” He said that “there have been wide-scale lay-offs and salary cuts across the industry” 

Speaking of the tough competi-tion between the states, he said, “Every state is competing when it comes to tourism. Look at Kerala, Uttaralthand,

 Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. In fact, neighbouring MP gives whopping subsidies for a movie shoot. Why can’t Rajasthan give it too. If we get movie shoots done here, diverse sectors can ben-efit from it. We have lakes, palaces, jungles and much more but why are film producers running to MP It’s because they are getting bene-fits which the Rajasthan govern-ment has failed to provide them,

” he added. “Tourism, till date, has earned revenue for the state, but for the first time it is bleeding and hence we want the government’s at We can’t sit on the roads and protest unlike others but can sim-ply ask for attention to ensure this industry is not ignored.” 

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