Bhubaneswar, Jan 15: A semi-nar on ’21st Century Life Skills Education’ in the context of NEP-2021 was organised by the Institute of Human Excellence in collabo-ration with 0DM Educational Group at 0DM Public school premises here Friday.

 On the occasion seven books on 21st century life skills ed-ucation written by the founder, IHE and chairman, 0DM Educational Group, Satyabrata Minaketan, were also released. Speaking on the occasion,

 Satyabrata Minaketan elaborately discussed the integral ingredients of life skills education and how they are significant for education and successful human life. He said that the Covid-19 pan-demic has brought with it a major challenge for the teachers in con-necting with the students and im-parting education to them.

 “But it is true that with crisis comes in-novation. So, in a situation like this, technology came to our aid and solved many problems,” he said, adding, “The schools in Bhubaneswar recognised the use of technology as the best resource not only to educate their students, but 

also to help students in developing certain skills that will help them grow and succeed in the competi-tive world.” Before this pandemic, technology was often seen as a distraction for a student, but a lot has changed now and technology is now con-sidered as the best mode of deliv-ering knowledge, Minaketan ex-plained. He added that it is very important to keep a child engaged in productive activities to ensure their physical and mental growth. “Character development is cru-

cial for impressionable minds. We strongly believe in the holistic de-velopment of our pupils, he said, adding, “Our teachers emphasize on character development of the stu-dents since they know the true sig-nificance of character building”. The seminar was attended by several principals, vice-principals and teachers of leading schools of Odisha. Many more across India at-tended it via video-conferencing mode. Biswajit Saha, Director (Skill and Training), CBSE, New Delhi in-augurated the event. 

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