Special traffic control unit for Keonjhar mining areas


Barbil, Jan 15: Traffic snarls are routine in various major routes in the mining-hit areas of Keonjhar district allegedly owing to mineral-laden trucks. It has been a major issue for people affected by traffic woes in most pockets. In the past,

people had staged protests over traffic jams after years of being stuck in traffic snarls on way to their destinations. The government has long been trying to sort out the issue, but was ineffective for years. Now, it has come out with a con-crete solution to this problem. A spe-cial traffic unit was set up to con-trol traffic in major mineral-bearing areas in Keonjhar. IG (western range) Kabita Jalan inaugurated the special traffic unit and an integrated control room Friday at Barbil. The vehicles meant to control traffic and remove road 

blocks were flagged off. “Heavy vehicles will no longer cre-ate jams on roads. There will be an Integrated Traffic Control Room and the unit will always be on alert. People and vehicles will reach their destinations at their desired times,” Jalan said. SP Mitrabhanu Mohapatra and other police officials were present at the inaugural ceremony. The special traffic unit will func-tion for areas like Barbil,

 Joda, Bamebari, Rugudi, Bolani and some 

parts of Champur police limits. It was stated that the state police has taken such a step taking note of the persistent plight of people and students in buses, and patients in ambulances getting stuck in traffic jams for hours. This unit will also provide necessary help to people dur-ing road accidents. This unit is equipped with 20-( constables, six havildars and seven officers, apart from six vans and 10 bikes. it will work round the clock in removing traffic congestion. 

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