370 Deogarh villages child marriage free


Bhubaneswar, Jan 16: A total of 360 villages in Deogarh district have become child marriage free after different stakeholders have decided to come onboard to end the social menace. A notification in this regard was published Saturday by the office of Collectorate, Deogarh.

 The dis-trict administration claimed that the Gram Panchayat Task Force has recommended declaring 370 vil-lages free from the age old social menace. According to the district ad-ministration, the Block Level Task Fbrce also authenticated the claims and after scrutiny,

 found it okay to declare the villages free from the evil of underage marriages. According to people working in the secto4 this is a major success ever reported from any district as such a large number of villages have not come forward to declare them-selves to shun the practice. 

In a communication to the Integrated Child Development Services, the district administration said,

 “With an objective to prevent child marriages and ensure ado-lescent empowerment, I am to say that as per the recommendation of the Gram Panchayat Task Force and authentication by the Block Task Fbrce, a total of 370 villages of Deogarh have been declared as ‘Child Marriage Free Village’

,” The state government on the other hand has vowed to end the practice of child marriages by the end of 2030. The state often sees close to 20 per cent child marriages. Several child marriage victims meanwhile have openly revolted against the social pressure to call off such illegal marriages. The government last year awarded several children who did not undertake such marriages while several parts of the state have child panels where kids work together to end the menace in their local areas. 

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