Search for Gori’s male partner soon


Rajnagar, Jan 16: Albino crocodile Gori, a star attraction for visitors to Bhitarkanika sanctuary, has been living a lonely life. This, howeve4 is set to change as the forest de-partment scouts fora partner for her Regarded as a treasure for Bhitarkanika sanctuary, this am-phibian is 46 years old

. The au-thorities in the past had brought sev-eral crocodiles, even from abroad, to give her apartnet But choosy Gori had rejected them all. The Forest Department, however hasn’t given up on her. HR Bustard, an Australian zo-ologist, 

who set up the first artifi-cial albino crocodile hatchery in the sanctuary had collected 25 eggs from a crocodile nest at Kalibhadia island in the sanctuary and cul-tured them. Out of 25 eggs, 11 hatch-lings came out. One hatching was exceptional. Since its colour was white, Bustard christened it ‘Gorr. Gori was kept in a separate pond for her special care

 She attained pu-berty at the age of 11. Following the direction of Bustard, a crocodile of the sanctuary was released at the pond for mating. But Gori had re-jected him. Instead of mating with him, she had turned hostile to-wards him, attacking him. 

Then a crocodile from Hyderabad was brought along. She had also spurned his love. She had got so angry that, she had killed that male crocodile. Then the forest depart-ment officials had brought an albino crocodile from Australia named Roetox This time too, God rejected his advances, leaving the forest de-partment officials a worried lot. According to a recent development,

 upon the completion of croc-odile census in Bhitarkanika sanc-tuary, a team of expert will collect in-formation about God. It is learnt that the process of bringing a croc-odffeof Godsagefromout of thesane tuary will start after the census. It will also be found out if God will be taken out of the enclosed pond and re-leased in the river in the sanctuary.

 Worth mentioning, the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi dur-ing his visit to Odisha in 1984 had expressed his desire to have a glimpse of Gori. Honouring the Prime Minister’s wish, the am-phibian was brought to Bhubaneswar in a special charter plane. Rajiv Gandhi was learnt to have got overwhelmed seeing Gori. Gori again hogged limelight in 2010 when she was made the mas-cot of Youth Festival organised in Bhubaneswar. 

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