State Tribal Museum offers a dope on Lanjia Saora attire


Bhubaneswar, Jan 16: With the Covid-19 yet to be tamed, museums in the state are work-ing on a virtual mode. The state tribal museum is no dif-ferent. It offers its visitors a grand tour of the museum as well as an exclusive video on Lanjia Saora attire in a vir-tual mode. The Lanjia Saora commu-nity lives in a scattered set-tlement in Gajapati and Raygada districts.

 The men are easily recognized by their distinct attire. Be it coarse cot-ton clothes. their white loin cloth, with red fringes locally called Arsiolekan, is worn so that both the embodied ends hang down in the front and back like a tail or Lanja. The draping of this garment gives the community the name Lanjia Saora. 

Tribal lifestyle writer Debashis Patra said, “The uniqueness of this tribe can be seen through these amazing videos where their clothes depict more about their lifestyles in particular.

” The Saora men wear a few ornaments purchased from the local market and during ceremonial occasions a tuft of white feathers is attached to their headwear and a string of bells worn on top of a length of red cloth wrapped on the upper half of their bodies. 

The women wear a coarse whitecotton skirt that reaches upto the knees. Their upper part of the body is covered with another piece of cloth. Now blouses are also worn in its place. This simple at-tire is accentuated by distinctive ornaments. Wooded ear plugs are worn on en-larged holes. Spirals and rings decorate the helix

 A low bun is held in place with a low bun pin that may also be used as a weapon. Several chains may be added for beauty. Necklaces and an-klets are also worn. In the past, facial tattooing was common. The Lanjia Saora believes that the spirit world govern their lives.The multiple earrings worn by the women,

 in par-ticular, the women shaman, are set to enhance their ability to listen to the demands of the spirits and help guide the life of the community, cure illness and ensure prosperity 

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