Transport revenue up by 8% in Dec


Bhubaneswar, Jan 16: Revenue generation from the transport sec-tor was very low from April to October of this financial year (2020- 21) due to lockdown and shutdowns imposed in the wake of Covid-19 pan-demic. However;

 it has now beenon a re-vival path. The revenue collection from the transport sector was in-creased by 8 per cent in December compared to the previous year. Revenues grew at 3 per cent in November and 8 per cent in December,

 sources in the State Transport Authority (STA) said here Saturday. The state has collected motor revenues from vehicles to the tune Rs 157 crore in December 2020 com-pared to Rs 146 crore collected in December 2019. Similarly,

 the STA generated Rs 149crore from the transport sector in November 2020 while it had col-lected Rs 145 crore in November 2019. However; the total revenue col-lection from this sector fell down by 25 per cent from April to December of 2020-21 compared to the same period of the previous year,

 the source said. The total collection for the first nine months of this fiscal came to Rs 973 crore against Rs 1295 crore collected in the first nine months of 2019-20, which is still 25 per cent less. During the nine months from April to December, Rs 615 crore has been collected from motor ve-hicle taxes, Rs 113 crore from fees,

 Rs21 crore from enforcement (echal-lans) and the rest from share from national permits and other mis-cellaneous heads. The state government recorded sales of 6.011akh units of vehicles in 2020 compared to 8.25 lalch units sold in 2019. The vehicle sales picked up in October with sale of around 72,000 vehicles compared to nearly 69,000 vehicles sold in November and 54,000 in December, they added. 

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