Cams to ensure commuters’ safety


Bhubaneswar, Jan 18: The State Transport department will adopt a hi-tech mechanism to penalise vi-olators as part of its strategy to minimise loss of human lives in road accidents in the state. As per the plans,

 the department will soon install intelligent cam-era (CCTV) systems on the entire stretch of the National Highway No-16 from Rameswar in Khorda dis-trict to Panikohili in Jajpur dis-trict. According to Odisha Transport Commissioner Sanjeeb Panda, the new system will play a crucial role in putting a check on incidents of rash driving on the national high-way and intercepting vehicles with L.

 itississeA fake registration numbers. “It is an ambitious project and we have got response from 32 bidders in the tender process. The work for the installation of intelligent cam-era systems will be taken up soon,” the Transport Commissioner said. “We will identity the vehicles 

moving at a high speed beyond the speed limit issued by the Transport Department. As we have the infor-mation about the plying of trans-port vehicles with fake registra-tion numbers, we will identify these vehicles with the help of the CCTV cameras and take appropriate ac-tion,” added Panda. 

Panda further said that the esti-mated cost of installing the CCTV cameras along the national highway will be around !15 crore and that the Commerce and Transport Department will finalise a tender in the near future. Meanwhile, to enhance secu-rity of women and children while traveling in buses and other pub-lic transport vehicles,

 the state government has decided to put online vehicle movement track-ing system in place so that it can reach to the vehicle in case of emergency. “The online tracking system will ensure safety of passengers. We will implement it soon,” State Transport and Commerce Minister Padmanabha Behera had said. 

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