Festive cheer, relaxed Covid norms bring smiles


Banarpal, Jan 18: Drummers, brass band party owners and DJ sound sys-tem owners in Banarpal area in Angul district are cock-a-hoop after the gov-ernment lifted the restrictions clamped on using drums in processions. 

There had been restrictions on tak-ing outany kind of processions since the outbreak of COVID-19. As there were no processions, the drummers and DJ sound system owners were left no job. Recently, the restrictions on pro-cessions have been lifted. With the Saraswati Puja and marriage season are ahead,

 these people are looking forward to getting orders. There are around over 25 DJ, Brass Band and Drum parties in areas like Nalco, Kandsar, Kurudulu, Turang, Kulad, Girang, Gotmara, Banarpal, Budhapank, Banda, Nuahata, 

Gadasantri, Talamul, Mahidharpur and Phulupada under Banarpal block. These parties get orders not only from Banarpal but also from differ-

ent areas in Angul and Dhenkanal districts. A single order earns them something between Rs25, 000 and 30, 000. So they would earn in laths dur-ing the puja and marriage season. Since a party comprises around 20 to 30 members, 

hundreds of families would earn their livelihood from this. These families’ financial conditions be-came pathetic following the outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent shut-downs and lockdowns. Some DJ own-ers had taken loans from banks and in-vested in their business before the outbreak. They suffered a huge loss. 

Now they are a happy lot. “I have availed loans from the bank to start a DJ sound system business. During the pre-COVID-19 days, there were days when I had more than one call. The pandemic dealt us a severe blow, spoiling almost a year causing us a huge loss. As the restrictions have been lifted, we are looking forward to better days. I have so far received five calls in just last eight days,” said Rashmiranjan Sahu,

 a sound system owner. Ishwar Behera, manager of Girang Music System, shared the same opin-ion as Rashmiranjan did. The tent house owners and flower decorators are also equally exalted. “Due to COVID-19 outbreak, all types of family functions were banned. We the tent house owners werejobless. Now it seems the situation will change for better,” observed Dushmant Sahu, tent house owner, a resident of Kanyabeda. 

A seemingly happy flower decora-tor, Abhijit Majhi said, “Flowers are required during any kind of function, be it family or social or political one. But the pandemic has shattered our fi-nancial condition. However, the situ-ation seems to be improving with the lifting of restrictions. I have already had an order to decorate a wedding car” 

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