Patnaik has ‘proof’ against saffron party


Bhubaneswar, Jan 21: Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee (OPC,C)PresidentNiranjanPatnaik Thursday apparently furnished proof of involvement of a BJP worker in the recent attack on the Congress leader. Patnaik refuted the allegations of the BJP that the saffron party had no links with the attack.

 He identified one among the at-tackers and claimed that he was a local BJP worker. In a press conference conducted at the Congress Bhavan here, the leader showed pictures of the alleged BJP worker The OPCC President cited sev-eral instances with the help of the pictures showed by him where the alleged attacker was seen partici-pating in BJP sponsored events, taking pictures with BJP MLA Mohan Majhi besides pasting pro-BJP posters.

 He also reportedly admitted to be a BJP worker. “There have been allegations from the BJP that I am indulging in drama and trying to politicise the issue. BJP MLA Mohan Majhi claimed that the attacker was not a BJP worker. But we have enough proof to show that one of the attackers was an active BJP worker,” he said]

“There are severalphotos of BJP events where he was seen partici-pating with full enthusiasm. His photos with the BJP MLA have also been taken more than once. Such evidence is enough to counter the baseless arguments of the BJP. They cannot discredit the attacker who is an active BJP worker.

 This shows direct link of the attack on me and the BJP,” he added. Patnaik said that during the ini-tial phase of the attack, there was little clue on the attackers but slowly it was revealed that there was involvement of a BR leader. Earlier BJPleaderMohanMajhi had claimed that there was no link of the party to the attack. 

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