Govt-farmers stalemate again

PRESS TRUST OF INDIA   sion proposal. This followed a big climb-down made by the Centre during the last New Delhi, Jan 22: The governments ne- round when they offeredto suspend the laws gotiations with protesting farm unions and formajoint committee tofind solutions. 

hit a roadblock Friday as the farmer lead- Farmer leaders said they will intensify ers stuck to their demands for a complete their agitation now and alleged that the repeal of three farm laws government’s approach Meanwhile, the Centre Unlike the last 10 rounds was not right during the asked them to reconsider its of talks,

 the 11th could not meeting. While the meet-proposalfor putting the Acts even reach a decision on ing lasted for almost five on hold for 12-18 months.

 the next date for a meet hours, the two sides sat Unlike the last 10 rounds face to face for less than 30 of talks, the 11th round could not even minutes. In the very beginning, the farmer reachadecision on the nextdatefor themeet- leaders informed the government that ing as the government also hardened its po- they have decided to reject the proposal sition saying it is ready to meet again once made by the government in the last round the unions agree to discuss the suspen- of talks Wednesday. MORE P8 

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