Visually-impaired couple ties nuptial knot in Cuttack district


Choudwar, Jan 22: Rinu and Muna exchanged garlands at Shitnilihanda village of Kayalpada panchayat under Tangi Choudwar block in Cuttack district Thursday But their marriage has become the hot topic of discussion among the locals of the area.

 There is nothing new in a man and woman getting married. However, they got married bat-tling all odds. BothRinu and Muna are visually-impaired from birth. Rinu, daughter of Dibakar Na,yak, a resident of Shimilihanda village, has been blind since birth. As if this was not enough, she lost her mother when she was a kid.

 It was the love of neighbours that helped her grow without missing her mother too much. In spite of being blind, she managed to pass the ma-triculation exams. Her husband-to-be, Muna Nayak of Kakhadi-Barampur village was also born blind. He too lost his mother when he was just three years old. To top it all Muna’s father died two years later.

 However, the love of his grandparents helped him overcome the losses. Even though, he is also Matric pass-out. In spite of all difficulties, Muna survived. With a god-gifted voice he started singing. Now he earns by per-forming in various cultural events and he also sells stationery items on training.

 So he ekes out a com-fortable living. They say marriages are made in heaven. Fate brought the fami-lies of Rinu and Muna together. Marriage of the two between the families was discussed and finalised. 

The Radhamadhab mutt at Shimilihanda village was chosen as the marriage venue. Villagers thronged the venue Thursday to witness the marriage. Elderly per-sons were present along with Choudwar-Cuttack MLA Souvik Biswal to bless the couple. Rinu’s father is confident that she will not face any difficulty in her married life.

 “She has been doing household chores on by her own. She can manage everything,” he stressed. Rinu and Muna can’t see each other. However, as life partners they can always feel the love they have for one another. People are sure that jointly and by supporting one another, they can always over-come all the hindrances in life. Block vice-chairperson Janaki Parida said she would see to it that the couple receive all benefits of government schemes for visually-impaired people. 

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