With focus on Ovid vaccination, Telangana conducts fewer tests


Hyderabad, Jan 22: Shifting their focus to Covid vaccination, health authorities in Telangana are con-ducting fewer tests, leading to a further drop in daily count of pos-itive cases. The government and private lab-oratories in the state conducted 28,791 samples during the last 24 hours ending 8 p.m. Thursday. 

Of these 24,892 samples were tested in government laboratories and 3,899 in private facilities. The state has a daily target of 50,000 tests but the authorities were conducting 40,000 to 45,000 tests, except on weekends and holidays when half of the targetted tests were conducted.

 Since the first week of this month, the daily tests dropped to around 30,000 as most of the officials in the health department were busy with vaccination. Experts have warned Health officials said as per the World Health Organisation (WHO) benchmark of 140 tests per mil-lion population, the daily testing tar-get for the state is 5,600.

 The drop in number of tests means fewer cases being detected. Over the last couple of weeks, the daily count has dropped to 250300. Telangana High Court, during a hearing on a batch of public in-terest litigations on Thursday, re-marked that the government must know that the more it tests, the more safe its public would be. 

A di-vision \-  bench headed by Chief Justice Hima Kohli pointed out that even in a city-state like Delhi, 40,000 tests are done per day. The court directed the govern-ment to record the results of the tests for two weeks from January 25 and furnish it by the next date of hearing. It also asked the government to indicate number of tests, type of tests and ♦ turnaround time in con-veying the result of the tests to people.

 The court observed that with its constant directions and the gov-ernment showing compliance the situation has improved here with number of cases coming down to below 500. The high court directed the state government to furnish it with de-tails of serosurveillance it had con-ducted in the last six months along with the aspects found in the sur-vey and steps taken to contain Covid spread in the areas identified in the survey. Meanwhile, during the last 24 hours, the state reported 214 new cases, taking the cumulative tally to 2,92,835. 

against complacency at a time $114 when there is drop in positivity rate. They say testing remains the key to check the virus spread.

 In its daily media bulletin, the health department does not pro-vide details like type of tests. It is believed that 50 per cent of the total tests are Rapid Antigen tests. As there are more false negatives in Rapid Antigen tests, experts say that the state is already missing out on positive eases.

 There are 1,076 Rapid Antigen testing centres in the state. Twenty government and 56 laboratories are conducting RT PCR/CB-NAAT/TRUENAT tests. The state has so far conducted 76,02,975 tests. Samples tested per million population rose to 2,04,271. 

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